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Home Remodeling in Menlo Park

You may have big dreams for your home, including creating more privacy in the densely populated Melo Park area. Or you may have an older property in the city and want to update it and make it larger, more comfortable or efficient.

No matter your goals for your home, Valley Home Builders can help. We are an award-winning and full-service home builder company offering new build and home remodeling services in Menlo Park. We offer a range of customized services, including:

  • Home additions
  • New construction
  • Planning and construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
  • Architectural design
  • Major home renovations, including kitchens and bathrooms
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Your Menlo Park ADU Builders

Valley Home Builders specializes in the planning and construction of Accessory Dwelling Units. This is a popular service in this part of California. Since Menlo Park is located between Palo Alto and San Mateo and has a high population density, many homeowners want an expansion or a way to offer extra space.

ADUs are an ideal way to add space to your home. These independent attached or detached dwellings can be used by aging parents, adult children or guests or just as a space for your household to enjoy privacy and room. Our highly flexible ADUs add value to your home and help you maximize space.

Trust Us as Your Home Builder

At Valley Home Builders, we understand the Menlo Park area and the unique needs of homeowners in this community. Home renovations in the city are often regulated by permits and regulations. These change often, but we comply with all regulations and building codes and handle the permits for you.

Many homes in Menlo Park are older, row-style homes. While full of charm and history, many homeowners may want to make their properties more efficient and update these older structures. Home renovations allow you to retain the unique character of your home while you enjoy new efficiency and the features you want for your kitchen, bathroom and other parts of your home.

Row-style homes can also have less space when compared with newer homes. The good news is you don’t have to move — with creative renovations, additions, expansion or ADUs, you can enjoy a spacious property without starting over. Valley Home Builders lets you maximize your available space in creative ways while letting you retain the features that made you fall in love with your house in the first place.

Contact the Menlo Park Home Addition and Expansion Professionals

Valley Home Builders has been honored by Remodeling Magazine’s Top 50 Building Contractors list and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) for our work and service. If you need renovations or new construction, you can count on us.

Add the features or space that could make your house the home of your dreams, by contacting us at Valley Home Builders to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our team. Learn more about our design and building processes and discuss your renovation or building project today.

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