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Mission Peak in Fremont California

Home Renovation Services in San Francisco

From home renovations to ADU builds, Valley Home Builders is here to help you reach your specific goals.

Why Renovate Your San Francisco Home?

Whether you are planning to sell or stay in your current home, a renovation can make your property more valuable. Especially in cities like San Francisco, the housing market is highly competitive, which can make it difficult to find a new home.

By renovating or making additions, you will increase the value of your current home while enjoying a more functional, updated space. You will also be able to ask more for your property if you do decide to list it at some point in the future, making renovation a worthwhile investment.

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Our Home Remodeling Services

Valley Home Builders is proud to be an award-winning design and build firm. Whether it is your goal to create additional living space, increase privacy or update the look of your entire home, we offer the home remodeling services you need to bring your vision to life.

We have the expertise and capability to take on a variety of projects, including:

  • Architectural design
  • Expansions
  • Home additions
  • New home construction
  • Renovations, including bathrooms and kitchens

We also design and construct Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), which can be used for everything from guest houses to yoga studios.

Why Choose Valley Home Builders for Your Remodeling Project?

Here at Valley Home Builders, we deliver a high-quality result for every client, no matter the type of work they request. We have an in-house multidisciplinary team made up of architects, designers, craftspeople and project managers who work together to manage all aspects of your project, from concept to creation.

When starting any remodeling project in San Francisco, it is crucial to understand all of the changing regulations for both new construction and renovations. Our team understands the local regulations and what permits are needed, ensuring your property remains compliant throughout the duration of the project.

Our imaginative designs ensure your vision is brought to life — while staying within your budget. To back up the quality of our work, we even offer a one-year guarantee on all our craftsmanship.

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No matter your needs or design vision, Valley Home Builders can help you get started right away.

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