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The beautiful city of Los Altos is home to approximately 30,000 residents. Deciding to remodel your Los Altos home is an important and exciting decision. The city is known for its minimum lot size and square footage requirements as well as its green building initiatives, which have a significant impact on the residential construction process.

If you are thinking of embarking on a home renovation project in Los Altos, you will need to abide by the city’s legislative and building requirements as mandated by the Building Division. It is essential to hire experienced, professional home builders in Los Altos who can perform quality work while also meeting these unique compliance guidelines. Valley Home Builders is an award-winning firm that has helped many Los Altos homeowners with:

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We Are Among the Top Los Altos ADU Builders

Are you among the many homeowners in the Los Altos area who need more space but don’t want to move from the home that you’re in? Valley Home Builders specializes in the design and construction of Accessory Dwelling Units that can provide a convenient, cost-effective housing solution. Because we are a design and build firm, our team will see your project from conceptualization to completion — unlike other firms that will outsource your building to another company.

An ADU can be an attachment to an existing home or a stand-alone structure that serves as a private residence, guest house, home office, studio or whatever else you desire. We will create a custom ADU that meets your unique lifestyle or functional needs, granting you an extra living space to use how you see fit.

When you work with our ADU builders in Los Altos, you will enjoy endless home renovation options for your Accessory Dwelling Unit. From home offices to yoga studios, here are some of the ways you can use an ADU:

  • Basement conversion: A basement conversion ADU is a convenient option that allows you to connect to your home’s existing utilities. If you’d like to expand your basement, you may want to convert it to a studio, office or additional living space.
  • Attached ADU expansion: An attached ADU is an expansion of the main house. Attached ADUs are typically positioned on the back or side of your property. Like a basement conversion, this configuration uses your existing plumbing and electrical systems.
  • Garage conversion: A garage ADU takes advantage of the unused space on your property and offers more privacy than a basement conversion. Our team of ADU builders can make an extra entertainment space or office by constructing an additional living space on top of your garage.
  • Separate unit: Often seen as a miniature guest house, a detached ADU is ideal for accommodating family members. A separate Accessory Dwelling Unit gives you a private space to entertain loved ones, relax or work.

Los Altos Home Renovation Projects and Additions

If you would like to make room for family members and guests or add aesthetic appeal to your residential exterior, a home addition may be a good choice for you. Valley Home Builders can satisfy your vision for a home addition by adding to your existing structure.

We can help you decide on which of the following home renovation projects are right for you:

  • Room additions and bump-outs: While a bump-out adds a little extra square footage to an existing room, a room addition is an entirely new room added to your home. Both of these renovation options will help you add some extra space to your residence.
  • Home expansions: A home expansion will help you change certain aspects of your home’s layout or add more space for entertaining guests and family members. This renovation involves adding several rooms — such as a master bedroom, guest bedroom, dining room, living room and bathroom — to your current living space.
  • Sunrooms: Sunrooms often use thermal-resistant glass and aluminum framing to allow you to stay comfortable inside while enjoying the outdoors. You can use this space as a workout studio, entertainment area or office to suit your lifestyle needs.
  • Second-story additions: A second-story addition helps you enhance the amount of space you have on your whole property while preserving your landscaping. Adding a floor to your home allows you more living space without the need to extend your existing foundation.
  • Patio or deck remodeling: When you design a deck or patio optimally, it can become an exterior room on your property. Consider upgrading your outdoor area with a kitchen or fireplace to host get-togethers with friends and family.

We Eliminate the Home Remodeling Hassles

At Valley Home Builders, we strive to make every home renovation project as easy and stress-free as possible. Our three-step sales system is designed to ensure transparency during every aspect of the design and development phase.

If you have ever tried to navigate the permit acquisition process in Los Altos, then you understand how challenging and time-consuming it can be. As a full-service remodeling company, we take care of this process for you, removing the burden from your shoulders.

We want you to sit back, relax and envision what your renovation will look like when it is done!

Award-Winning Home Builders in Los Altos

We are proud of our long history of excellence. Our custom remodeling and design work has received recognition from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, and we have also earned a spot on Remodeling magazine’s prestigious Top 50 Building Contractors list. When you choose us, you will work with a home renovation company you can trust to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

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