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Home Remodeling in Palo Alto

When you decide to remodel your Palo Alto home, you need a team of experienced engineers, architects, builders, designers and project managers who will be with you from the beginning to the end of your project.

Our team at Valley Home Builders has been partnering with homeowners since 2005 to help create dream homes. Whether you need to remodel the whole house or upgrade your existing structures, we always follow the same process to ensure your project runs smoothly.

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Transforming Homes With Our Design and Build Services

The Palo Alto community is home to over 65,000 residents and includes many older ranch-style homes. With its historic buildings and nearby coastal mountains, Palo Alto is a charming community to call home. The city also balances these touches with a bustling downtown and cutting-edge technology companies in Silicon Valley.

Working with our design and build firm means you will have a team of experts to manage every aspect of your project and meet your expectations. Over the years, we have worked on home addition and expansion projects in Palo Alto as well as:

Your Home Renovations in Palo Alto

Our team focuses on your home’s beauty, comfort and function during each project we complete. With our room or second story additions, we ensure that the result seamlessly flows with the rest of your house’s structure and design. Our designs also provide custom craftsmanship and privacy so that you can enjoy your home for years to come.

Additionally, we are an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) builder in Palo Alto. If you need a personal space for a home office or even a yoga studio, we can help you plan and construct your own ADU.

No matter what service you need, our proven process includes these steps:

  • Free consultation: We are more than happy to do a walk-through at your home and then create a contract for you. We will also discuss your ideas, budget and timeline.
  • Preliminary design: Our team will create an initial floorplan, which also includes electrical and lighting plans so you can see a visual representation of your project. You will also receive an initial estimate.
  • Drawings and permits: Our team can begin the construction drawings and plans as soon as you approve our work. We also obtain all the necessary paperwork for Palo Alto to comply with the legislation and building regulations.

New Home Construction

At Valley Home Builders, we want to help make the house of your dreams a reality. If you are interested in building a custom home in Palo Alto, our team of experts will work together to create a home that fits your style. With our focus on quality craftsmanship and energy efficiency, you will be able to enjoy your dream home for many years to come. Since we’re a design and build firm, we’ll work with you throughout the home construction and remodeling process.

Palo Alto ADU Builder

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) can add value to your property. You can build one near your current residence as a secondary living space. An ADU can also be part of the main house, such as in an attached garage or a basement. Valley Home Builders is a Palo Alto ADU builder that can ensure this permanent structure complies with local and state regulations.

Consider building an ADU to provide a flexible living space for family members, guests or tenants. It connects to your existing plumbing and electricity, but it does not use a lot of energy. An ADU gives your loved one an affordable place to live. You can use this structure to bring your family closer together.

An ADU builder from Valley Home Builders can create a permanent structure in the following configurations:

  • Basement conversion: Creating an ADU from your existing basement is more convenient. Instead of finding a new line for your electricity and plumbing, the builder can use your current utilities.  A basement conversion also requires fewer permits and structural changes, saving you money in the long run. However, they do not offer as much privacy as other units.
  • Garage conversion: You can convert a garage into an ADU or build one above it. Building an ADU on top of your garage can save you money on installation. It usually has a separate entrance, giving you more privacy than a basement conversion. However, you will likely have to pay more money for a garage conversion since it usually needs utilities installed to create a living space.
  • Home addition: An attached ADU is an extension on the side or back of your current house, but it often has a separate entrance for privacy. If you have limited lot space or want to take care of a family member, you can connect it to your existing utilities and access it conveniently.
  • Detached unit: A detached ADU gives you the most privacy and a place to downsize in the future. You can build a detached ADU with its own design aesthetic instead of making it match with your primary residence. Make sure your lot size and utilities can accommodate the structure. Some local regulations require you to have a separate parking space for a detached ADU.

Our team at Valley Home Builders can work with you to design an ADU that accommodates your budget and style preferences.

Contact Our Award-Winning Home Builders in Palo Alto for a Free Consultation

The awards and recognition we have received over the years illustrate our dedication to excellence. Whether you need home remodeling services in Palo Alto, want to create an addition or build an ADU, you can be sure our team will pay attention to the details and ensure you are satisfied with our work before leaving.

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